| Childrens Check in
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Childrens Check in

Free Children’s Check-In (optional printer required for check-in labels).


Children’s Check-In

No need to pay extra for a service we give you at NO COST. Manage check-in’s so your certain the right parent is picking up their child(ren).

  • Fast, Safe & Easy to use.

  • Real Time Attendance Tracking

  • Unique Child/Parent Number

  • Allergies / Special Instructions

  • Child name, parents name, age and classroom

Real Time Tracking

Right from the kiosk (or our back office), your admin team can view real-time attendance for each classroom.


Child / Parent Labels

Your optional printer prints a label for the child that includes: Church/organization name, parent and child name, date and time, UNIQUE child number, dob, classroom, and any parent notes, special instructions or allergies.  You also can print name tags for special events or volunteers.