| Events and Volunteer Sign ups
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Events and Volunteer Sign ups

Create Free and Paid Events for members and guests to sign up for.
Create Volunteer sign-up opportunities and Volunteer Check In.

Event Registration

Have a Bible Study, VBS, Fund-Raiser, Camp, Concert or a meeting of any kind? Free and/or Paid Events are a breeze with our free, remote, back-office Event Calendar. Simply add an event upload a banner and viola.. its there for all to see, sign up and even pay for if necessary. Our back office even lets you email all event participants, instantly with an attachment for updates, release forms, additional information or any other important documents… right from our back-office. Options include:

  • One-time or Recurring Events.

  • Capacity or Participation Limit (showing available seats in real-time).

  • Free or Paid Events.

  • Venue information

  • Banner Graphic

  • Reports and email function.

  • and much more…

Volunteer Sign-Up’s

Tired of using a clip board for Volunteer Sign ups? Our free Volunteer page makes sign-up’s fast, fun and organized. Our remote back office lets you send an email to your volunteers as needed. You can pull a customizable, downloadable report for your convenience as well. Your volunteers can even check in and print name badges with their names and volunteer positions if needed (optional printer needed).