Mobile Giving

Mobile Giving


Mobile Giving can be done in 3 different ways. You can use one, two or all three different platforms. Its the FASTEST way to Give!


Increase your donations by adding Mobile Giving. Donors can give right from their seats or anywhere else for that matter.

Text Giving

Text Giving makes giving fast and secure. Our Text Giving Platform also gives you Text and Voice blast campaigns that let you send messages through Text or Voice calls to groups or your entire church! goto for your free trial.

QR Code

FREE with our Online Giving Package. We supply you with a QR Code that will instantly turn their phone into your custom giving page. Churches put this QR Code on Everything! Esp their Connection Card or Bulletin that they hand to everyone walking into service.

Mobile App

Our mobile app is awesome! We build your custom app free of charge, we put in on Apple and Android store at no cost, then charge only $20 a mo! Feature rich, customized to your liking with Push and GPS notifications!

Increase Your Donations

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